This Aching Little Awakened Heart

Compassion all alone, is blind to everything.
Wisdom all alone, is numb to anything.

Torn asunder by a traumatic divorce,
they leave me hungry and afraid,
unable to see you as you are,
and I neglect you like I
neglect myself. 

Woven together in holy matrimony,
they gift me the sacred opportunity
to see you as you simply are,
and to love you like I love
nobody else.

But this aching little
awakened heart of mine
tells me that neither case is truly real,
since the whole entire story —
of going away in separation
only to
come back to consummation —
is just an illusory, magical, divine game
that Compassion plays
under the auspicious grace
of unfolding Wisdom.

So all I really have to “do”
is to open up and listen to
this aching little
awakened heart of mine,
to know that it knows
how all things come and 
how all things go,
far before they ever start and 
long after they finally end.  

Boundless like space
(as primordial purity),
unceasing as time 
(as spontaneous creativity),
and driven by its own power
(as amorous energy)
— everything I could ever need is
right here, right now, right in 
this aching little
awakened heart of mine.